FIN/SUM Associate


Nippon Life Insurance Company

Since Nippon Life was founded in 1889, we have based our life insurance operations on the core corporate philosophy of “co-existence, co-prosperity and mutualism.” We have striven to manage the business in ways that maximize benefits for our customers, based on the precepts of conviction, sincerity and endeavor, and made efforts to conduct sound management from a long-term perspective. As a leading company in the life insurance industry with the world's top class in terms of the number of customers, total assets, we have always tried to go ahead of the times and continued challenging efforts. Even with structural changes such as a declining birth rate and growing aging population, super low interest rate environment, digitalization and rapid development of advanced IT, we will continue to provide customers with peace of mind and security through life insurance, as well as the value of “insurance + α” which involves going beyond the realm of insurance to also address national challenges that cannot be solved by life insurance alone, with the absolute soundness as a financial institution and abundant human resources.