FIN/SUM Startup



TRUSTDOCK offers global e-KYC and an API service platform for identity verification. Already Japan’s leading KYC provider, TRUSTDOCK uses a host of APIs to perform a variety of identity verification tasks that speed up the account opening process for any digital service provider, all fully compliant with regulations, including Japan’s new Anti-Money Laundering Act. We offer various KYC / identity verification API services, and our product lineup is always expanding to cater to different KYC needs. Because you can decide to execute any API at any time, we can fulfill your needs, whatever laws or regulations your business has to comply with. And it isn't just APIs - we run a business process outsourcing (BPO) operation and have teams of people working behind the scenes to back up our technology and solve problems for our clients. Through our everyday operations providing identity verification services on our e-KYC platform, we are always dealing with different cases of forgery and fraud. Our digital ID app does not only meet the KYC legal requirements, but further provides solutions to prevent various patterns of online fraud. Rest assured that our app is secretly preventing fraud patterns that you probably don’t even know about yet. The future for TRUSTDOCK is a fully universal identify verification API platform that will quickly and reliably verify anyone, so everyone everywhere will have access to all digital goods and services. We have already released an ID shooting app that fully realizes online identity verification by linking with our APIs service. With this, TRUSTDOCK can not only speed up the account opening process, but we can also create storable verified identities that can be used in an instant, and we will soon create a universal verified ID system that will be compatible across the globe.