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DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi

Destination Marketing/Management Organization(DMO)is a body of around 30 companies and organization that own and operate MICE facilities and unique venues in Marunouchi area. The goal of the organization is to promote MICE tourism in the city center. We help members share and disseminate information in a unified way, thereby improving the hospitality offered by the team Marunouchi as a whole and promoting MICE tourism. With Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace on both ends of the area, Marunouchi provides sights and entertainment that befits its status as Japan’s most prestigious district. Tokyo Station has been restored to 1914’s retro European-style glory. The Imperial Palace’s vast greenery is the nation’s pride. The high-rises are filled with offices (with many of them, headquarters) of Japan’s leading companies. Sidewalks are lined up with restaurants and shops that are popular with locals and tourists alike. Marunouchi is, quite literally, the Heart of Tokyo. From conference facilities, accommodation, entertainment, restaurants, unique venues, unique services, and corporate visits, DMO TOKYO/Marunouchi is your one-stop portal for all your MICE-planning needs.